Heart Advice

Yonatan Geron

Third floor, can be seen from the street or knock on the door,

the artist might open

 65b La Guardia St.Tel Aviv-Yafo

19.7, 21.7, 24.7, 26.7, 20:00 – 22:00

In the heart of Yonatan Geron’s flat there is a very red room from which an artificial, neon, burning light is emitted. Upon a quick glance from the communal building’s yard, one might imagine this is a punk squat, a transient autonomous space that exists at the center of a sleepy suburban neighborhood. "Heart Advice״ is an elusive work that is given to life’s own vicissitudes. Therefore, Geron’s living conditions dictate the work’s progress over time. Ascending to his flat, in the fuse box along the staircase, the artist places a small video work, a homage to time-consuming American TV programs. The terrazzo-tiled flat becomes a work of art similar in nature to an assisted readymade. It comprises light fixtures that flash on and off, objects found in the street and carefully selected by the artist, a bookcase and a little table that blocks the hallway, with small Far Eastern souvenirs places on it.


Heart Advice


Acrylic, felt, halogen

Variable dimensions

Performance by Guy Dubious (Photographed by Ouzi Zur)

Bill Smith, Heart Advice



01:37 min, loop