Anyone Home?

Sigalit Landau

Viewed from the street

49 Har Tsion Boulevard, Tel Aviv-Yafo


Permanently Presented

In 2007, on the exterior wall of a flat on Salameh Road corner of Har Zion Boulevard, Sigalit Landau painted an image of a black sun around a window, using acrylic paint and a roller. The image, created for the video work Salame, looks like soot residue from a fire or a cry for help from a man trapped indoors. Since then, Landau’s mural, which has faded over the years, reminds those in the know of that famous image from the video work Salame and its accompanying stills. For “Out of Cube” Landau defines, in hindsight, the act of signaling as an autonomous work of art made in the public sphere, dating it 2007–2021. Therefore, inspired by the lockdowns, the isolation and the social distancing, Landau has renamed the work ״Anybody Home?״.

sigalit landau copy.jpg