Wrong Number

Michal Makaresco


 At the balcony, viewed from the street

91 Nachalat Binyamin St. Tel Aviv-Yafo

26.7.2021 — 21.7.2021

Michal Makaresco recycles the gas bottle and helium balloons she featured in the 2020 group exhibition “Blade Memory” at the Center for Contemporary Art (CCA). She reuses the helium balloons she purchased at the neighborhood dime store. Through ironing techniques, she turns ready-mades into a sculpture with personal touches, and gathers the balloons that spell out her cell phone number into a balloon-made abstract sculpture. The renovated sculpture, titled "Wrong Number", is assimilated into the environment, displayed flying from Makaresco’s balcony as a symbol of lack of gravity and the erasure of identity in an unstable world.