To kill the sun, at the sunset, Three shots, Three minutes

Chaya Ruckin Brekman

At the store, viewed from the street every day at sunset

111 Ben Yehuda St. Tel Aviv-Yafo

Opening: 18.7.2021, 19:00 —  20:00

19.7.2021 — 20.7.2021

The sun may be viewed as an environmental resource that cannot be capitalized. Watching the sun reminds us that all life is essentially equal. Yet, beyond the realms of matter and value, the solar cycle has formed our perception of temporality and the future; it determines our daily reality through pure time measures. The sun, whose existence is temporary, may be considered a planet through which we can imagine, explain and discipline the concept of contemporaneity. The video work To kill the sun, at the sunset three shots, three minutes was made by Chaya Ruckin Brekman in 2008 on the Carmel hills. At the time, the artist sought a vital participation in a moment of creation. She acquired an IDF weapon and drove off to kill the sun at sunset. In the exhibition “Out of the Cube” Ruckin Brekman presents the video in a shop over several days at sunset.


To kill the sun, at the sunset, Three shots, Three minutes



3 min, loop