The One Gone Astray

Ana Wild

Participating performers: Hila Gluskinos and Ari Teperberg

On the bench

Khasidei Umot Ha’Olam Sqaure, Tel Aviv-Yafo


27.7.2021, 14:00 — 11:00

Ana Wild grew up in the Opera House, where her father worked, and where she also worked, during several periods in her life. As a child, she used to hang around the Righteous among Nations Square; her work La Traviata, presented there, is influenced by Verdi’s opera. Whereas in opera the voice, sound, scenery and costumes all take up much of the viewers’ attention, in Wild’s La Traviata three friends in their 30s are seen sitting on one of the granulite benches in the Square, humming quietly, a composition for three voices buzzing in the open air.