Bella Brisel & Omer Halperin, Hotel Saul | Tal Engelstein, Levinsky Market | Freedom Research Institute, Independence Hall | Lenny Gaunt & Shahar Kramer, 20 Kfar Giladi | Yonatan Geron, 65B La Guardia | Abigail Hopkins, 32 Etzel | Sigalit Landau, 49 Har Tsiyon Boulevard | Elad Larom, Shir Moran,  Shiri Tarko, 14 HaGdud Haivri | Amit Levinger, HaYarkon Park | Michal Makaresco, 91 Nahalat Binyamin | Efrat Natan, Dizengoff-Frishman | Roman Nefeli, Textile and Clothing Center | Chaya Ruckin Brekman, 111 Ben Yehuda | Noa Schwartz, Bialik Sqaure | Ira Shalit, Park HaHurshot | Maxim Turbo, Atarim Sqaure | Ana Wild, Khasidei Umot Ha’Olam Sqaure | Oded Yaacov, 25 Gruzenberg | Oded Yones, 15 Brener

Tel Aviv Museum of Art presents, with the support of the Bruce and Ruth Rappaport Foundation, the exhibition “Out of the Cube,” curated by Ventilator — a nomadic exhibition space founded by artist Ishai Shapira Kalter. This is a short-term group exhibition of varying intensity, scattered throughout locations in Tel Aviv-Yafo. From Hayarkon Park to Hatikva Quarter, a choreography of sculptures in reality is consolidated. Local artists improvise their work near their habitat: within living quarters, in rented spaces, in a hotel, on a roof, from the balcony, in the backyard, or beside existing works of art. The exhibition metaphorically extends the museum’s physical boundaries, as well as the role of the urban space — from functional space to artistic space. The works in the exhibition are dispersed throughout a wide-ranging exhibition area; they are non-monumental and sensual, their materiality is disrupted, at times hidden or devoid of defined shape. In this exhibition the senses of the flâneur — who now becomes a viewer of an exhibition — are sharpened and respond simultaneously to the works of art and to the daily moments chanced upon by the urban environment. “Out of the Cube” sizzles into life itself, blurs the customary concepts of time and exhibition, and is submersed like a buzz into the noisy urban landscape.